Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Abolish Marriage

Let's Abolish Marriage!

Yes, I said it, let's abolish marriage.   Now before you get all bent out of shape let me explain why I think we should do this.

I believe that the institution of marriage is an intensely personal thing and that the government has no place inserting itself in this personal act.

In America today the act of marriage bestows legal protections, rights and other ramifications.  And because of the religious movement in America these rights are limited to a man and a woman in most states.

So let's get rid of marriage as we know it from a legal perspective.

Instead the government should create a "civil union" which bestows all of the legal protections and rights that are currently given via marriage.  Each state would have the discretion to decide who can join a civil union.  Some states would decide that only a man and a woman could join a civil union, others would decide that same sex couples could join a civil union.  Regardless of the decision, all legal rights would be bestowed upon this union through the civil union.

Well what about marriage?  Aren't we hurting America by getting rid of it?  Absolutely not!  Marriage would still exist, but the act of marriage would belong to the church.  Each church could decide who it would marry.  Many would choose only a man and a woman, some would choose same sex couples and some would allow polygamist marriages.  The decision would be up to each church. 

Couples would receive no legal benefits from marriage, but would be married in the eye of their church and their god.  Which is after all, what the religious sect is concerned about.  Gay marriage to them, defies god and is an insult to the institution of marriage.  So let them keep marriage as their church sees it, and allow others with differing beliefs to get the same protections.

I believe this simple change resolves the whole issue of marriage in America.  It removes gay marriage as an issue for those whose religious beliefs are offended by it.  It allows couples of all sexes to get the same rights, good and bad, that come with today's marriage.

And best of all, it gets the government out of the marriage business, where it never belonged in the first place.

Do you think America is ready for this?

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  1. No state in America is ready for this. We're barely two generations away from abolishing miscegenation laws, and less than one from the final decriminalization of sodomy.